Expert Witness Evidence

Loss & Expense Claims

Our Expert will compile the quantum of the loss and/or expense incurred and/or likely to be incurred, the cost of rectification of the defective works and other damages for breach of contract. The claim will be compiled based upon actual cost incurred and likely cost when not incurred at the time, but likely to be incurred, thereby permitting the adjudicator to not only make a decision on the actual loss and expense but also to make a declaration on the likely loss and expense.

Professional Negligence of the Quantity Surveyor

Did the Quantity Surveyor act with Reasonable Skill and Care in carrying out the services for its Employer? This is a question that we have answered when providing Expert Witness Evidence. Although the tribunal is Adjudication this Expert Service will be in accordance with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules; the Practice Direction Part 35 Experts and Assessors; the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts in Civil claims and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Practice Statement and Guidance Note for Surveyors acting as Expert Witnesses.